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Protect and secure
your devices and data

HiddenApp provides the most advanced loss and theft
recovery technology built specifically for Apple devices.


Device tracking

Monitor the current location of a device and gather
the information to indentify who has it.

Location tracking

Determine your device’s precise location and view it on Google Maps.

iSight photos

Build a convincing criminal case using iSight to capture the culprit on camera.


Observe what your missing device is being used for with screenshots of the on-screen activity.


Network data

Discover the name of the network your device is connected to, the proximity to the router and the IP & Mac address so you can track it to an exact physical address.

Key logs

Collect information about the keys that have been used whilst your device is missing.

Device data protection

Customizable remote lock down

Remotely password protect and lock your Mac.
Add your organization logo and customized
warning message to thieves.

Mass actions

Easily deploy security actions
across multiple devices at once.

Spoken message

Send a custom message to be read aloud from your device.


Data management

Remotely access the device to recover sensitive
or important files and remove all data completely.

Remote wipe

Erase private information from
the laptop to prevent data leaks.

File Retrieval

Remotely access your device to
retrieve important and sensitive data.
(coming soon).

Device Monitoring

IP Tracking & Management

Set approved networks that your device is allowed to connect to so that administrators can effectively monitor network usage and prevent connection to unapproved networks.

Fleet View

The Fleet View feature enables admins to monitor all distributed devices inside a grand map.

Location History

Monitor historic device movement to detect unusual patterns and prevent device attrition


Fleet management

Manage all your devices, control data access and perform
mass actions - all in one simple dashboard.
(for business plans only)

Device management

  • Device status
  • Custom groups and labeling
  • Activity audit log
  • Export device data
  • Enterprise ready deployment