Maintain complete
control over
company assets
and sensitive data

Centrally monitor, manage and track your Apple
device fleet with one easy to install solution

Manage all company devices

Save time with an overview of your entire fleet of devices in one simple
dashboard, with easy device assignment and clear status updates.


Take full control of data security

Remotely lock and remove sensitive data.


Deploy mass actions

Easily deploy security actions across multiple devices at once.


Application for business

Centralized management

Manage and assign devices, check status updates and activity all from one secure dashboard.

  • Multi-user accounts
  • Custom groups (labeling)
  • Location history
  • Advanced search and filtering

Device tracking

Monitor device location and gather evidence using multiple tracking technologies.

  • Location tracking
  • Network data
  • iSight Photos
  • Screenshots
  • Keylog

Visibility and control

Get total visibility and
control over all your
businesses devices.

  • Device status
  • Export device data
  • Activity audit log
  • Monitor employees
    location in the field

Data and security

Remotely password protect and lock devices or deploy security actions across multiple devices.

  • Mass security actions
  • Spoken message
  • Remote wipe
  • Fully Customizable
    Remote Lock
  • Prevent data breaches

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