Keeping track of your school or district’s devices
shouldn’t be a problem. With HiddenApp, it isn’t.

Designed for K-12, HiddenApp helps you monitor, track and locate your school’s devices without compromising privacy. Save time and headspace supporting all your devices from a single, user-friendly dashboard.

Organize & monitor your entire fleet with ease

Managing school devices can be messy. Students move districts. Devices go missing for a day, a week, a semester - then pop back up again (maybe). Devices are shared. Or taken on vacation. Or left in the trunk of a parent’s car.

But it’s all good, because with HiddenApp you can track, locate and organize your school’s devices to suit how your flavor of K-12 works. You can group by class, grade or anything else you want and manage it all easily from one user-friendly dashboard.

Protect your students and devices without compromising privacy

HiddenApp gives you the power to track and locate school devices, but it’s not Big Brother. Because it monitors device location, not online activity, you can reassure staff and students that their privacy is respected. Its customizable, flexible tracking will double down on security when a device is at risk, but otherwise you can be light touch and barely-there.

Complements your existing tech

K-12 isn’t one size fits all. No school or district is the same. You teach differently. Your student mix is different. You work with different tech platforms, operating systems and devices. You have your own unique problems and strengths. That’s why HiddenApp is built for how education actually works.

Trusted by education institutions around the world

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Simple to use and does everything we need


Zoe C

51-200 employees

“We need to ensure safety of our equipment and have peace of mind that should anything happen to it, we can safely locate, track or remote wipe this. HiddenApp provides all of this functionality.“ - Capterra

Great Addition to MacOS and iOS


Jared P

51-200 employees

“The software does exactly what you would expect/need from a theft prevention software. Clear graphic representation of your fleet and all the important feature in case something goes missing!“ - Capterra

Solid Product


Marcus H

11-50 employees

“Very happy and I'll keep using it. Easy to use and install. The interface is also clean and easy to navigate.“ - Capterra

A great utility for your computer


Matt B

51-200 employees

“It has been a very good experience and has saved my company a couple of times now where staff have lost machines for various reasons and allowed us to retrieve a machine when someone left the company with a unit.“ - Capterra

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