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devices safe and secure.

Protection and security for your institution’s mobile devices. Peace of mind for you.

HiddenApp for Education

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We get it. Safeguarding your institution’s devices from data leakage and secure from theft must feel like a full-time job. HiddenApp for Education can give you back your time and headspace.

HiddenApp for Education is a mobile device monitoring, tracking, and theft-recovery app for every institution, from the smallest school to the largest university. It gives you 24/7 visibility, track, trace & locate capability, advanced anti-theft features, custom remote lock & wipe and a whole lot more, from one simple user-friendly dashboard.

And this means one less thing to check off your never-ending to-do list!

Secure your devices in just a few minutes

Whether you've one or one hundred thousand devices to protect, you can get set up in a flash. HiddenApp's simple, user-friendly installation means peace of mind is only a few clicks away.


Track your institution’s devices

Pinpoint the location of every device and determine its location history built on Google Maps.


Monitor your entire fleet with ease

Get an at-a-glance overview of your entire device fleet in one simple dashboard, with easy device assignment and clear status updates.


Take control of data security

Remotely lock one, some or all devices and wipe sensitive data.


Deploy mass actions

Easily deploy security actions across multiple devices at once.


Fully MDM compatible

If you're already using Mobile Device Management solution, we couldn't be happier. HiddenApp works alongside your MDM, and it's effortless to install. Bulk register your entire fleet in a few quick steps, and you're good to go.


Everything your institution needs for total device security

Centralized management

Manage and assign devices, check status updates and activity all from one secure dashboard.

  • Multi-user accounts
  • Custom groups (labeling)
  • Location history
  • Advanced search and filtering
  • Enterprise-ready

Device tracking

Monitor device location and gather evidence using multiple tracking technologies.

  • Location tracking
  • Network data
  • iSight photos
  • Screenshots
  • Keylog

Visibility and control

Get total visibility and
control over
all school devices.

  • Device status
  • Export device data
  • Activity audit log
  • IP tracking & management
  • Device fleet view

Data and security

Remotely password protect and lock devices or deploy security actions across multiple devices.

  • Mass security actions
  • Spoken message
  • Remote wipe
  • Fully customizable
    remote lock-down

Used and loved by

Simple to use and does everything we need


Zoe C

51-200 employees

“We need to ensure safety of our equipment and have peace of mind that should anything happen to it, we can safely locate, track or remote wipe this. HiddenApp provides all of this functionality.“ - Capterra

Great Addition to MacOS and iOS


Jared P

51-200 employees

“The software does exactly what you would expect/need from a theft prevention software. Clear graphic representation of your fleet and all the important feature in case something goes missing!“ - Capterra

Solid Product


Marcus H

11-50 employees

“Very happy and I'll keep using it. Easy to use and install. The interface is also clean and easy to navigate.“ - Capterra

A great utility for your computer


Matt B

51-200 employees

“It has been a very good experience and has saved my company a couple of times now where staff have lost machines for various reasons and allowed us to retrieve a machine when someone left the company with a unit.“ - Capterra

Given their special status, we're happy to offer special deals and discounts for educational institutions and non-profits.