World Cancer Research

When World Cancer Research Fund International was looking to protect its fleet of devices scattered around the globe, HiddenApp gave it the control and functionality it needed.


How HiddenApp helps World Cancer Research Fund International keep its fleet safe and secure across three continents.

World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRFI) is a global authority on cancer prevention. Since it started in 1982, it’s pioneered research and health information on the link between food, nutrition, physical activity and the prevention of cancer.

Its vision is to create a world where no-one dies of preventable cancer. It unites and leads a network of cancer prevention not-for-profits across three continents, amplifying cancer-prevention education in order to reach as many people around the world as possible.

Its joined-up, holistic approach is effective but connectivity is complex. Matt Barton, International IT Manager, oversees all the IT divisions, which are located in the US, in the UK, the Netherlands and in Hong Kong. He says, “Because we’re a global network, our comms and data are distributed. Our people work from home, scattered across different countries, and there’s travel involved, too. When devices go walkabout, there’s always a risk of data and security breaches. So I was on the hunt for something that could give me the security assurance I needed.”

Tracking down the fleet

HiddenApp was recommended to Matt by a peer and so he carefully examined HiddenApp’s functionality. “Because HiddenApp could be used across all Apple devices, I was satisfied that I could track my entire fleet of Macs, iPads and iPhones across the whole of our network. This meant I didn’t have to worry about keeping my eye on any IOS or OS device not covered by HiddenApp. It was a comprehensive solution.”

Easy installation

HiddenApp’s user-friendly centralized installation meant that Matt found it easy to get the entire fleet safe and secure quickly. “HiddenApp was fully functional from day one. Installation was straightforward. We could get our entire fleet covered quickly and easily. It was really refreshing to have a no-hassle installation.”

Credibility and compliance

WCRFI is a key player in global cancer prevention and, as such, connects with heavyweight organizations like the World Health Organisation and numerous national cancer prevention charities around the globe. “It’s important for us that our network and contacts know that our attitude to IT safety and security is active and progressive. Often times we share and communicate research data that is the result of years of hard work. HiddenApp helps us demonstrate our commitment to data protection and having this kind of level of safety reassures our partners that their information is safe with us.”

Peace of mind fitted as standard

HiddenApp’s technical functionality has given Matt and his team something that’s very non-technical - peace of mind. Matt says, “It’s great to have a system that empowers me to track, trace and lock down one, some or all of our fleet at the touch of a button. Knowing that if any of the fleet goes missing, I can wipe it remotely is very reassuring. The control and functionality that HiddenApp gives me is great, but, thinking it through, the peace of mind that I find most valuable. I can get on with other things, knowing that safety and security are take care of.”

Why WCRFI selected HiddenApp:

Recommended by peer.
Covered the whole fleet.
Easy to track and trace missing devices.
High levels of central control and security, through remote locking, screenshots, data wiping and removal of sensitive information on any device.
Great levels of service from the HiddenApp team.
Good price and simple pricing structure.
Enabled simpler asset management.
Easy to install and use.
User-friendly dashboard gives real-time status of every device in the fleet.