Southern Lehigh School District

When the IT team at Southern Lehigh School District, Center Valley, PA, had their hands full with COVID-19, a move to the cloud and the loss of their fleet security provider, HiddenApp made sure that they didn't have to worry about their 1,700 strong device fleet's security for long.


How HiddenApp helps Southern Lehigh School District secure its 1700 strong device fleet

Southern Lehigh School District serves 3,150 students across five schools and employs over 425 staff. Its dynamic community ethos and strong partnership between home and school means that there's always high levels of activity, which includes a heck of a lot of IT traffic.

Along with his team, Erik Malmberg, Director of Technology, was already operating at 100%, but when COVID-19 hit, the workload spiraled. "It was challenging," he says. "When the pandemic hit, we had to go fully remote and to migrate our whole network from our own central server-based setup to a cloud-based MDM. And our previous fleet security provider stopped providing. It wasn't easy."

Easy Selection

Erik and the team quickly checked the fleet security market to check the options. "We needed a fast fix," he says, "and, being a school district, we're not made of money, so it had to be cost-effective and within our budget. We're lucky that we found HiddenApp. It really was the best on the market, providing more functionality for the price. It wasn't the kind of cost that needed sign-off because the price point was totally doable. It was quick to install, too, which we needed because devices are expensive for school budgets, and we needed to reduce the risks immediately."

Simple To Manage

Erik and his team found HiddenApp easy to deploy and were able to track and locate the many devices that had now found their way into the students' homes as lockdown got underway. Erik says, "With our entire fleet totally remote, HiddenApp gave us the peace of mind that we could control it all from one simple, user-friendly central dashboard. It's become an integral part of our school district IT security policy and practice"

Students Will Be Students

So far Erik hasn't had to deal with stolen laptops but, with a few thousand students, devices are regularly mislaid. Erik says, "A kid will tell us, "Hey, I lost my laptop, I don't know where it is." So we log into HiddenApp, deploy the location detection service and find the last known location. We say to them, "It's at your house," or "You left it in Classroom 20" or similar. Everything is so much easier. There's no panic and no need to call out our resource officer to investigate"

Making Upgrades Easier

With peace of mind given by HiddenApp, Erik and the team have the confidence to test out the full range of upgrades, programs and packages with the students and staff remotely. And its been working great"

Why Southern Lehigh School District selected HiddenApp:

Easy to set up and manage
Easy to track and trace mislaid devices
Flexibility to lock or wipe one, some or all devices
Confidence in testing the capability of the newly-remote system
High levels of central control and security, through remote locking, screenshots, data wiping and removal of sensitive information on any device
The ability to deploy mass actions quickly
Good price and excellent service
Easier and more streamlined asset management
Enables strong compliance with district security policies