Bram Offshore

Bram Offshore

How HiddenApp helped Bram Offshore reduce device loss to zero.

Bram Offshore is an award-winning offshore logistics company that supplies specialized vessels and personnel to support all aspects of the South American offshore industry, such as platform and remotely operated vehicle supply, and oil spill response. The biggest logistics company of its kind in Brazil, Bram Offshore faces and overcomes complex challenges in a constantly changing and often dangerous environment.

Managing the difficult task of tracking such a large inventory of ultra-mobile devices is the responsibility of IT Manager Gustavo Arruda. Before Gustavo discovered HiddenApp, devices had been mislaid or gone missing. 

Gustavo says, “We run a 24/7 operation and pride ourselves on being always available to our clients, like Exxon, Shell and Petrobras. We count on each of our devices to do its job, so we always need to know where they are and what they’re doing. But, in our sector, people are always on the move, often in challenging environments, and sometimes losses occur. We’ve had a few issues with missing computers, especially on our vessels. I needed something that could help me have tighter control of my inventory.”

Cross-platform support

Gustavo’s fleet is cross-platform, so he needed a fix that covered both Mac and Windows. HiddenApp gave him an easy solution.  Gustavo used HiddenApp’s mass deployment function to enrol his fleet devices quickly and easily. “Installing on Mac computers was a piece of cake,” says Gustavo. “For Windows computers, it took me just a few minutes more.”

Losses reduced to zero

HiddenApp’s pinpoint accuracy and 24/7 tracking features enabled Gustavo to know the exact location of every device in the fleet, and to locate devices reported misplaced by staff. “We’ve had zero missing computers since we started using HiddenApp, which means that we’re not paying out for replacements,” says Gustavo.


Bram Offshore’s staff work on and offshore with varying patterns of work. Carrying out their services in often dangerous situations - such as on oil platforms and on the high seas in all weather conditions - adds an extra layer of complexity to device fleet management. Gustavo has been pleased with how HiddenApp has risen to the challenge. He says, “It’s so much easier to manage my IT inventory over such a dispersed and continually moving workforce, and it’s given me much tighter control.”

Why Bram Offshore selected HiddenApp:

Total fleet visibility over a dispersed and challenging environment.
 Easy and quick to set up, using bulk enrolment for both macOS and Windows.
Pinpoint accuracy - within metres -  in tracking and locating means mislaid or lost devices can be found quickly.
Gives another form of data security through remote lock and wipe functionality.
Reduces or eliminates the cost of replacement devices.
Makes IT asset management less time-consuming, more efficient and more effective.
Synchronises with and supports the company’s recent digital transformation.