Appetizer Mobile

How HiddenApp helped Appetizer Mobile save thousands of dollars


With a strong reputation to maintain, Appetizer Mobile used HiddenApp to secure its fleet and track down stolen devices.

It’s no surprise that Appetizer Mobile has won an array of awards for mobile app design and digital advertising, because this NYC-based company was founded by Jordan Edelson, a seasoned Forbes 30-under-30 entrepreneur. Appetizer Mobile is a multi-faceted design, development and marketing digital agency that partners with its clients to fast-track disruptive mobile businesses. Jordan says, “What makes my team and I happy is to capture our clients’ visions and bring their projects to life.”

The company is trusted by key global players, such as Apple. Two of its mobile apps spotlighted in national Apple iPad commercials and were pre-installed as demo apps on all iPhone 4S in Apple retail stores along with making the Apple App Store feature page numerous times.

Reputation matters

The industries that Appetizer Mobile serves require it to stay ahead of the game with the latest technologies, and with the highest security and privacy standards. “It’s not just a matter of technological expertise and of complete compliance,” says Jordan, “it’s a matter of trust. We must have our clients’ ultimate confidence in our privacy and security expertise. It’s a matter of credibility and reputation to have our own house in order.”

But with a mobile team with a fleet of high-cost devices jammed full of client data and intellectual property, the risks were clear. The company needed a practical and speedy solution to keep every device and user safe, secure and uncompromised. And so Jordan turned to HiddenApp. He says, “We needed physical security for our entire fleet that was both scalable and quick to implement. HiddenApp gave us that.”

Safety - everywhere and anywhere

Jordan was impressed at the ease, speed and effectiveness of implementing HiddenApp across the fleet. “Installation was straightforward and user-friendly,” he says, “and this speed-to-security has given me more than just a tight fleet. It’s given me peace of mind and enabled me to focus on our clients, where my attention should be, instead of worrying where our devices are at any given time. My team regularly attends event-based launches that could be anywhere and with anyone across the US. When you don’t have control of a scenario, knowing that we could shut down and wipe any device remotely was reassuring.”

HiddenApp in action

HiddenApp proved its effectiveness when a notebook was stolen. Appetizer Mobile’s IT lead quickly deployed the tracking feature together with the screenshot capability, which allowed the authorities to quickly track and recover the notebook. Jordan says, “Location tracking is a great feature, but add to the mix screenshots and pictures and you’ve a whole other layer of information and context to aid in recovery.” Jordan estimates that without HiddenApp, the company would have several devices lost or stolen to date and that this has saved thousands of dollars.

Client-focussed support, 24/7

The HiddenApp team takes pride in providing exceptional support. “Our mobile devices are our lifelines,” says Jordan, “and the HiddenApp support team has been very responsive and helpful. I’m really happy with HiddenApp. To quote the cliché TV infomercials - “Set it and forget it.” Let HiddenApp do the heavy lifting. There’s no reason to take chances when HiddenApp can provide true peace of mind.”

Why Appetizer Mobile chose HiddenApp:

User-friendly central control and security, through remote locking, screenshots, and data wiping.
Easy to install, deploy, and manage.
Simple, intuitive dashboard.
Immediate mass-action capability.
Track and trace capability, including screenshots and location pictures for effortless recovery.
Flexible device management: easy to add or remove devices and lock one, some or all.
Simplifies asset inventory and management.
Keeps insurance companies happy.
Gives Appetizer Mobile confidence in the security of data and level of compliance.
Demonstrates a serious commitment to online security.