Protect your precious Apple devices against theft. For that added peace of mind.

Hidden helps you to recover your devices in case they’re lost or stolen. Advanced location tracking, photos and remote access, all in one simple app.

Developed for Apple devices by Apple enthusiasts.


Recover your stolen Mac, iPad or iPhone

Location Tracking

Locate your lost or stolen Mac with Apple's Core Location technology.

iSight Photos

Capture photos of the suspect using your device's built-in iSight camera.


Gather evidence by collecting screenshots of their activity.


Record keystrokes and gain access to incriminating information.

Remote Lock

Lock your Mac and display an alarming recovery message with photo evidence.

Remote Wipe

Protect private information by remotely erasing sensitive & personal files.

Spoken Message

Type a message and Hidden will read it aloud to the suspect.

SSH Tunneling

Hidden can create a reverse SSH tunnel to bypass firewalls and routers.

“Hidden immediately began to gather photos and location information from my stolen MacBook. Two officers from the Oakland Police Department recovered it later that evening.”
Joshua - Oakland, USA

“My laptop was recovered by the police less than 36 hours after Hidden started reporting tracking information. I have already recommended Hidden to many of my friends!”
Felix - San Juan, Puerto Rico

“My house was broken in to one week before Christmas and two laptops were stolen. I received my laptop back after tracking it down and feeding the data to the police.”
Laura - Melbourne, Australia

Proven Technology

Hidden has a proven track record with thousands of success stories around the world. We provide law enforcement agencies with the evidence they need to do their job.

Don't take our word for it, watch what CNN had to say about Hidden.


Money Back Guarantee

If Hidden is unable to recover your missing device we'll refund the price of your subscription. Also, if you're not 100% satisfied with your purchase we'll give you a full refund.