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Can I install Hidden on multiple devices at once?

Yes, you can use our Mass Deployment for macOS to register multiple devices with HiddenApp. You will not be required to enter your account credentials on every Mac computer when you install HiddenApp with the Mass Deployment for macOS .PKG and this application can be deployed remotely with most MDM solutions.

  1. From your Devices Dashboard visit Device Registration
  2. Select Mass Deployment for macOS
  3. You can then either manually enter the device Serial Numbers or upload a XLS file
  4. Once the devices have been added to your Device Queue click Register Devices
  5. Next click Download App and then Review Devices
  6. Finally deploy the download .PKG titled: HiddenNoRegistration.PKG via your chosen MDM solution

You can confirm that the app has been installed correctly by visiting your Devices Dashboard and checking that the device(s) you deployed HiddenApp too now show a numbered app version as opposed to macOS?

This feature is available on all business plans.

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