Designed for macOS
and iOS


Hidden tracks your missing computer's location, takes photos of the user and gathers the evidence required to get it back.

Hidden gives you the most advanced loss and theft recovery technology, built especially for Apple’s Mac and iOS devices


Whilst Apple’s in-built Find My iPhone and Find My Mac applications are useful up to a point, Hidden provides much greater functionality: remotely actioned password protected lock-down, screen and image capture, alarms and personalised reports make Hidden THE Apple theft recovery solution on the market.

Find my Mac/iPhone
  • Location Tracking
  • Remote Lock
  • Remote Wipe
Hidden iOS + Find my iPhone
  • Location Tracking
  • Remote Lock
  • Remote Wipe
  • Network Data
  • iSight Photos
  • Location Tracking
  • Remote Lock
  • Remote Wipe
  • Network Data
  • iSight Photos
  • Screenshots
  • Keylogging
  • Spoken Messages
  • Remote Access

How Do I Install Hidden?


Step 1
Choose your plan

Whether you want to protect your iPhone or the entire family’s, there’s a low-cost Hidden plan to help.


Step 2
Get the app

Head to the App Store and simply hit “Get”.


Step 3
Register your device or devices

Get our premium protection across one or all of your Apple products. You can change your device or plan at any time.


Step 4
Two-minute testing

Just to be sure everything’s working as it should.

Step 5
You now have Hidden protection
Leave it to us to keep your devices and privacy safe.