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How to track & find my iPad

How to track & find my iPad

Back in 2013, a huge upsurge in iPad and Apple device thefts was so significant, that it led to a new phrase

Known as ‘Apple Picking’, there are now more than 290,000 devices stolen in the UK each month. With your iPad being hot property for criminals seeking to cash in fast, you may be here to find out how you can protect your beloved iPad (as well as your data). Or, maybe the worst has happened, and you need to find your lost or stolen iPad. In either case, here’s what to do.

Protecting your iPad BEFORE loss or theft

Prudent Apple iPad owner? We’re guessing you’re here to take precautionary steps to protect your device.

Apple devices arrive with a built-in app; called ‘Find my iPhone’, this app works on all iOS devices, including iPads and MacBooks. But (and there is a rather big but), there are also premium apps out there that pack in more features for increasing the chance of recovering your device. Let’s look at a side-by-side comparison of Find my iPad/iPhone with HiddenApp.

Or search

Installing HiddenApp is simple and fast:

1. Sign up – You can sign up for a free trial here

2. Register your device or devices – your Apple iPad, iPhone and Mac will enjoy premium protection immediately

3. Take the two-minute test – Just to check all is working as it should

How do I find my lost iPad?

So, you’ve not been the victim of theft, just a victim of your own carelessness. If you’ve simply lost your iPad, you can use the ‘Phone my iPad/iPhone’, whether premium or Apple’s own, to help with your search. If you believe that your iPad is close by, use your app’s ‘play sound’ or ‘spoken message’ feature.

What if your iPad is stolen or lost, and not close by?

If you’re unsure where in the world your iPad is (whether lost or stolen), here are the steps you should take for finding your iPad using the Apple ‘Find my iPhone’ app…

Lost or stolen iPad with no ‘Find My iPhone/iPad’ installed?

If the built-in ‘Find my iPhone/iPad’ app isn’t turned on, and you haven’t installed a premium iPad finder, you won’t be able to remotely access its GPS. Here’s what you should do now…

1. Change your Apple password – this stops anyone from accessing your iCloud data and using other app services, including iMessage and iTunes.

2. Change the passwords on your email and social accounts, such as Gmail, Facebook and Twitter.

3. Whether lost or stolen, report it to your local police. They may ask you for the device serial number, which you can find in the following three places:

- The product's original packaging - check the barcode for the serial number.

- The ‘Devices’ tab in iTunes preferences.

- The original product receipt or invoice.

4. Report your device lost or stolen to your internet provider.

HiddenApp – it’s the app that protects your Apple devices, and your privacy.

Using proven technology, Hidden tracks your missing Macbook, iPad or iPhone and collects the evidence needed to get them back. And don’t worry. Your personal information stays locked away, too.

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