Feb 09, 2021 by Team HiddenApp

HiddenApp for Windows 10 has landed!

HiddenApp for Windows 10 has landed!

This means you can now protect more of your devices using HiddenApp, not just your iPhone or Mac.

We’re always listening to our customers. Not just because when they say nice things about us we feel warm and cuddly and a little bit special. It’s because our customers are our North Star, our compass on what to develop next. So, when loads of you said, “HiddenApp’s great for my iPhone but what about my Microsoft Surface? Do you do HiddenApp for Windows?”.

Instead of putting our hands over our ears and singing “la la la”, we got to work.

The result is our latest product, HiddenApp for Windows 10, and it does exactly what it says on the tin. It includes all the safety, security, anti-loss and anti-theft features that you find in our HiddenApp for macOS and iOS, but it’s for any device that runs on Windows 10. This means you can now protect more of your devices using HiddenApp, not just your iPhone or Mac.

Different device, same protection

Apple devices don’t suit everybody. If you’re on a budget, prefer something more customizable and with more regular updates, want to switch out parts or prefer the whole gaming experience, we fully appreciate how appealing PCs can be. But whichever Windows 10 enabled device you choose, keeping it secure won’t be a problem anymore. HiddenApp for Windows 10 offers PC folk comprehensive anti-loss and anti-theft services including:

  • Ultra accurate device tracking built on Google Maps
  • Remote lockdown and data wiping: Remote password protection and locking, wherever you are and wherever your lost device is.
  • Realtime device fleet view
  • Location history
  • Easy centralized management from a single dashboard. It’s user-friendly and gives you a clear overview of where all your devices are and their status.
  • Screenshots and anti-theft warning messages: yep, you can customize your warning messages so get creative!

It’s super-simple to install, too, because we feel that the world doesn’t need more complexity.

Device protection for the real world

In the real world, unless you’re a total Apple-head or Windows aficionado, many own a mixed bag of devices with different operating systems. Security might not be front of mind when you’re buying devices, and, for individuals and families especially, you don’t always have a purchasing strategy. Why would you? We buy what we need for the job, or what’s in style, or what fits our budget.

So we can often end up with a small flotilla of devices, each containing our personal data and, if we have kids - especially teenagers! - their devices are at high risk of going walkabout.

With HiddenApp for Windows 10, it’s easier to protect more of your devices, all under one simple dashboard.

Works for business, too

For business owners and organizations that run a mixed fleet, HiddenApp for Windows 10 is an excellent solution to streamline data and device protection for more or all of the fleet. Now that remote working has become the norm and is only more likely to increase in the future, feature-rich mobile device security protection has become ever more important. With HiddenApp for Windows 10, businesses can “set it and forget it” with more of their fleet.

HiddenApp for Windows 10 also allows businesses more flexibility in purchasing decisions: when you know security is covered, IT decision-makers can focus on buying the right device for the job.

Get started with HiddenApp for Windows 10 now!