Feb 20, 2020 by Team Hidden

HiddenApp 2.0 for Individuals

HiddenApp 2.0 for Individuals

HiddenApp 2.0 is live

The all-new Devices Dashboard for individuals and families is now live and marks a huge milestone for HiddenApp.

So why HiddenApp 2.0?

In 2017 HiddenApp passed into new ownership and we've since been working to improve HiddenApp across all key areas.

The new Devices Dashboard marks our most significant progress yet as we strive to make HiddenApp a best in class security app for Apple devices.

Whilst many of the improvements for HiddenApp 2.0 focus on usability and ease of use, we want to draw your attention to a couple of key additions.

We've added Last Connection into the Devices Dashboard to give you clarity over whether your devices are properly configured and still syncing with HiddenApp servers, which is crucial to ensure HiddenApp can help you recover your devices. Most noticeably, we've added a brand new feature, Location History, that gives you total control over your devices by providing an overview of where your device was located on any given date and time.

The new Devices Dashboard is all-new with a clean design to make navigating the Devices Dashboard and using HiddenApp's security actions as streamlined as possible. We've improved the layouts of all of the data tabs to ensure you can view your device's data with ease and exactly when you need it. 

Check out what's new and improved below!

Devices Dashboard

The new Devices Dashboard now with Last Connection and simplified filtering to make managing your Apple devices easier than ever before.

Security Actions

Security Actions menu interface with color coding, updated Customizable Remote Lock and Device History.


Location tab with cleaner visuals, Location History and Location Reports.

Network Data

Network Data Tab

Improved Network Data tab with flexible columns to ensure data isn’t cropped or lost.


Images tab now with individual iSight Photos and Screenshot tabs, image preview, search and download.

Keylog Data

Keylog Data tab with new Keylog Sessions to allow for easy preview and export. Search by keywords and export reports from specific dates or timeframes.

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