We’re excited to announce the release of Hidden 2.1, with a raft of new features designed to optimise protection of your Mac.

Immediate Activation & Minute-by-Minute Reports

Whereas Hidden 2.0 and earlier returned packets of tracking data in 10 minute intervals, Hidden 2.1 now returns data immediately upon activation, and once every minute thereafter. What this means is ten times more tracking reports giving you minute-by-minute updates during a recovery!

Lock Screen & Display Warning

Hidden 2.1 allows you to lock the thief out of your Mac, whilst displaying a warning containing images obtained by Hidden. This lets them know that they’re being tracked, and implores them to contact you before you bring the firm hand of the law into things.

Spoken Message

Hidden 2.1’s new Spoken Message feature allows you to audibly communicate with anyone in possession of your machine. This utilises your Mac’s in-built Text to Speech function. What you choose to make your computer say is entirely up to you!

Remote Wipe

If a Mac goes missing, one of the major fears we all experience is the thief accessing all of our personal data contained within it. From work documents containing sensitive information, to our personal contacts, photos and beyond, we all have items on our computer we’d rather not share with the world. With Hidden 2.1’s new Remote Wipe feature, you can now erase your Mac’s Home directory and everything contained within it from afar. Be warned though, this is a destructive and irreversible process - use with extreme caution!

Full Remote SSH Access

This is an advanced feature designed for use by systems administrators and others with superior technical know-how. It enables you to establish a direct SSH connection to your missing computer that bypasses any firewalls or routers that stand in the way. Once correctly set up, this becomes an incredibly powerful way to control and communicate with your Mac from afar.

As always, the update to 2.1 is FREE for all existing Hidden users. Simply click below to download the latest installer. Your previous Hidden installation will be overwritten when you run the new Installer. Remember, the latest version of Hidden is always available to download for free from your Tracking Control Panel.