In the recent move to the new site design, we changed terminology in the tracking control panel. Originally, any device listed in your account could be set as 'not stolen', 'test mode' or 'stolen'.

When we recently updated the site, we moved to what we thought was a simpler solution. Now each device could only be in one of two states: Tracking Status 'On' or 'Off'. Tracking status switched 'on' for when your device is missing and you wish to locate it, 'off' for when it's not needed. Anyone wishing to test their installation could switch it 'on' for the duration of the test, before switching 'off' again.

However, due to customer feedback regarding this new system, we have decided to revert back to the old terminology. Now, once again, you will be able to mark each device as 'not stolen', 'test mode' or 'stolen'.

Please note: test mode will only send two packets of tracking data before reverting back to 'not stolen' automatically.