Hidden is now available for iPhones and cellular iPads in the App Store!

The iOS app is free, but you will need a paid account on the website to use the service.

Our iOS version includes:

How it works:

Hidden uses iOS’ Significant Location Change (SLC) service which allows it to work using the least possible amount of battery.

The SLC service notifies Hidden every time it connects to a different cellular antenna. When hidden receives the notification it will check in and ask the status of your device, just like the desktop version.

If the device is not stolen, Hidden will go back to sleep until it receives another SLC notification.

If the device is stolen, Hidden will immediately report the location of the device and trigger a local notification imitating an alarm clock. When the thief attempts to view or dismiss the fake alarm notification, the app will open and take a photo of the thief.

We wanted to hide the Hidden icon when you marked the device as stolen but unfortunately it's not allowed on iOS. We suggest users move the Hidden icon into one of iOS’s subfolders.

Give yourself the best possible chance of recovery and install Hidden for iOS today!

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