Hidden for iOS uses Apple's Push Notification Service in order to track the location of your iOS devices.

In order to not give away the fact that Hidden is theft recovery software, when activated from the Hidden website it will send a push notification to the device disguised as an alarm notification. This alone will retrieve the device location whether the thief interacts with it or not.

If the thief dismisses the alarm, Hidden will go on to capture a photograph through the front-facing camera of the device. iOS applications are not allowed to make use of the front facing camera unless the application is in the 'foreground'. This means Hidden for iOS will not be able to take a photo until the thief attempts to view or dismiss the fake alarm notification.

The location and images will be returned for you to view in your online Tracking Control Panel.

PLEASE NOTE: Hidden for iOS requires iOS 6 or later, and so isn't compatible with devices that are unable to update to this version of iOS or later (e.g. first generation iPads).