$1.25 /month*

1 device

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$2.50 /month*

Up to 3 devices

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$10.00 /month*

Up to 20 devices

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$30.00 /month*

Up to 100 devices

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* All Hidden plans are billed annually.

Why do you bill annually?

Our monthly prices are too small to justify the transaction charge incurred with each payment!

Can I upgrade or downgrade my plan at anytime?

Yes, of course. When upgrading or downgrading you will receive a discount based on the number of days remaining in your current subscription.

Can I transfer my subscription to another device?

Yes, you can change which device(s) are registered with your account at any time. You can change the devices as many times as you wish although you cannot register move devices than your plan permits.

What are my payment options?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and PayPal. You will be billed annually through our secure online payment system.