What is Hidden?

Hidden tracks your missing computer's location, takes photos of the user and gathers the evidence required to get it back.

It works by installing the software on your device and connecting it with your online account. When your device is lost or stolen you can login and activate tracking.

Find my Mac / iPhone Hidden iOS + Find my iPhone Hidden MacOS
Location Tracking
Remote Lock
Remote Wipe
Network Data
iSight Photos
Spoken Messages
Remote Access

Guaranteed recovery or your money back!

1. Install Hidden on the devices you wish to protect

Create an account on http://hiddenapp.com and choose a protection plan that suits your needs based on the number of devices you wish to protect.

Download and run the Hidden installer for Mac OS X or the Hidden app for iOS on each of your devices.

2. Register the device with your online user account

During the installation process, you will be taken through the steps necessary to register your device to your online account.

Your device(s) should now be visible in your Tracking Control Panel. You can run a test to ensure everything is set up correctly.

3. When your device is stolen, activate tracking

When your device goes missing, login to your online account and mark it as 'Stolen'. 

Hidden will begin transmitting location data, photos of the user and screenshots of what they are using the computer for. All of this happens without the user knowing that they are being tracked. 

Designed for OSX and iOS

Hidden is designed and developed for Apple devices, by Apple enthusiasts. Built on top of OSX and iOS core frameworks, Hidden exists as the only security software tailored to the Mac, iPhone and iPad family.

Laptop theft has increased over recent years, meaning it's never been as important as it is now to get protected.

Expensive Apple devices are routinely targeted by thieves who know what they're looking for. Let us provide you with premium protection for your premium hardware.


  • No Hidden Charges.

    Unlike other theft-tracking software, Hidden will never charge you for reports or data usage.

  • Money-Back Guarantee

    If your device goes missing and Hidden fails to track it down for you, we'll refund the price of your subscription.

  • Guaranteed Recovery

    Give it a go! If Hidden fails to locate your missing device, we'll refund the price of your subscription.